Roots and Shoots visit – July 2015

On Friday 3rd July Ann Bernadt Nursery children and staff set off on an amazing journey to “Roots and Shoots“; an environmental oasis located in Walnut Tree Walk, Kennington. Roots and Shoots was established in Kennington in 1982 by Lady Margaret Hall Settlement, a charity working in North Lambeth since 1897. Its aim is to help young people with moderate learning disabilities acquire the
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Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – July 2015

First Day at Ann Bernadt

Welcome to Ann Bernadt Nursery. This introduction video shot by James with some help from Sally and Ama will guide parents whos children are joining us at Ann Bernadt Nursery for the first time. This is called “Settling In”. To watch this video, please click on the play button below. Day one at Nursery from Ann Bernadt Nursery on Vimeo.

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Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – April 2015

More Makaton videos

More from James and Sally James and Sally have been very busy at Ann Bernadt Nursery today making more videos for the Makaton series. In this collection, James accompanied by Sally and Peter continue with the Makaton theme with another storytime entry plus three new videos covering everyday topics. To watch the videos, please click on the play buttons below: Storytime Storytime – The
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Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – April 2015

Check out the Daddy Book The Daddy Book is a brilliant new resource published by the Minnesota Fathers and Families Network. It’s a workbook with information, games and activities designed to meet the needs of infants month by month during the first year, with an emphasis on father-child attachment and sensitive communication. You can download it here.

Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – March 2015

Using Makatan

A day with Sally & Storytime James and Sally have been busy today using Makatan to describe Sallys’ favourite playtime activities at Ann Bernadt Nursery. You can follow James and Sally by watching the videos below. James has also been reading some books using Makatan. Why not listen to our stories and join in by watching our Storytime videos below. Sally goes outside Watch
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Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – February 2015

Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – January 2015