Using Makatan

A day with Sally & Storytime James and Sally have been busy today using Makatan to describe Sallys’ favourite playtime activities at Ann Bernadt Nursery. You can follow James and Sally by watching the videos below. James has also been reading some books using Makatan. Why not listen to our stories and join in by watching our Storytime videos below. Sally goes outside Watch
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Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – February 2015

Fatherhood Institute Newsletter – January 2015

Christmas Party

Fun for everyone On Friday 19th December 2014, parents, children and staff got together to see out the last day of term with a fantastic Christmas Party. We all had a fun day and took some pictures, which can be seen below. gallery Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view:

Santa Visits Ann Bernadt

We say hello to Santa! On Friday 19th December 2014, Ann Bernadt Nursery had a very special visitor. Father Christmas popped over to see the children and give them some presents! The children were very excited to meet Santa and really enjoyed his visit. We took some pictures, which can be seen via the gallery below. Gallery Click on the thumbnails for a larger
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A Christmas Carol…or two

In fine voice Christmas is upon us here at Ann Bernadt Nursery and on Wednesday 17th December 2014, you could hear just how Chistmassy we all are feeling as the entire school and Parents sang some Christmas Carols. We videod the performances, which can be see below. Just click on the play button for more.

Save the Children

Christmas Jumper Fundraising On Friday 12th December 2014, Ann Bernadt was the picture of Christmas as all staff and children wore their special Christmas Jumpers to raise money for Save the Children charity. The children and staff raised a fantastic £46.00!!! Welldone everyone. The jumpers looked amazing!

Bringing Fathers In

Free resources to help you embrace ‘dad power’ Make the most of ‘dad power’ with our free resources for advocates, practitioners and researchers This week we are launching Bringing Fathers In – a series of free resources designed to help you engage more effectively with dads, wherever you are in the world. The resources include the following factsheets: Making the most of fathers…to support children’s early learning (launched
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FRED Closure Party

Thank you A huge thank you to all parents who took the time to attend our FRED Closure Party early November. It was great to see you all and the children were very happy to have their parents with them at Nursery. We took a few pictures on the day, which can be seen below: Gallery For a larger view, please click on the
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Peckham Library Visit

Fun with reading Peckham Library recently visited the children of Ann Bernadt Nursery. The children really enjoyed their visit as they were surrounded by all of those amazing books! They now come regularly so the children get the opportunity to choose from new book titles refreshed each week. We took a few pictures of our visit, which can be seen in the gallery below.
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