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About our school

In 1997 the school moved to its current location, into a purpose built building and changed its name. The school is located in the Peckham area of the London Borough of Southwark.

It caters for a 100 hundred children within four classes. Each class has 25 children on roll; 15 children stay all day, 5 come for the morning only and 5 come only for the afternoon.

The school is very inclusive. It welcomes families from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and religions and children with a variety of educational needs and learning styles. The make up of the school reflects the population of the wider community.

Ann Bernadt is a successful school that put the needs of children first. Children are consulted about their learning, planning and the purchasing of resources

We believe that it is very important to work in partnership with parents to raise achievement and help children to be successful. The garden plays a vital role in our children’s education. It has been designed to cover all six areas of the foundation curriculum in all kinds of weather. The children have wide and varied experiences; including weekly trips to the local library, visits to museums, boat trips, theatre visits, working with professional musicians and actors.