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Story telling at Ann Bernadt

Language and Storytime!!!

Some parents offered both the staff and children of Ann Bernadt Nursery a very special treat recently. The parents participated in storytime; however with a very special twist. They read the stories in their own language of birth.

We took the opportunity to capture some of these stories being read on film so that we could share them with you all. Watch these two videos showing two parents reading their favorate stories in their native tongue. In this case, we hear stories read in both French and Italian.

You can see that even though the children do not understand the language, they can still clearly understand what is happening by following the actions of the parent and the pictures being described in the book,

The children enjoyed these storytime readings very much and are all looking forward to having more parents read to them. We will continue to populate this page with new videos as we have them so please keep checking back for more…

To watch the videos, please choose from the icons below…

Storytime in French

Storytime in Italian