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Iceland Trip – Day 2

Day 2 Sunday 20th October:

We got up early to participate in a cultural day round the Island. We went on a Boreal Jeep tour round Iceland’s most spectacular sites.  We saw where tectonic plate are now moving apart at 2 cm a year in an area know as “No Man’s Land”.

We went to the original Geysir which has now got a bit tired, but luckily the smaller Geysir “Little Brother did not disappoint. WE then went off road in our extra large land vehicle driven by Olaf, one of 5 women driving these monster trucks – to visit the second largest glacier in Icleland called Gullfoss  Much of this journey was over rocks and snow.

We were very glad of our warm clothing  as we stepped onto the cglacier and learnt how to spot the hidden ravines where you can plummet 700m in an instant! To warm up we went to the famous where we soaked our bodies in the geothermal water whilst our heads were battered by the incoming blizzard. In the evening we went out in search of the NOrther Lights but sadly they eluded us.