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Iceland Trip – Day 3

Day 3 Monday 21st October:

We split into two groups to visit a number of nursery schools in the local area. Furuskogur preschool, Vinagerdi Preschool, Sunnufold and Drafnarsteinn preschools.  We were welcomed by the schools who gave us time to observe and discuss and reflect. We learnt a great deal about our similarities and differences.

The visits reinforced the fact that less is more when it comes to provisioning the environments. WE made links between practice had seen in Sweden and Italy and how this is implemented in Iceland. Sustainability and Equality are two of the pillars that underpin the Icelandic education system. Early Education takes place up to the age of 6  There is a much lower adult to child ratio.

where 8 children are supported by 1 adult, imagine that in a British classroom. We learnt a great deal about how to minimise gender differences in our schools With lots of practical ideas that we can implement easily.  Staff were incredibly generous with their time and energy.