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Men in the Early Years

Right now, just 3% of Britain’s early years staff are men. That figure that has barely changed for the last 20 years, despite huge increases in men’s involvement as hands-on fathers, and better progress towards gender equality in other traditionally female work sectors, like primary school teaching (15% male) and nursing (11%).

We think it’s high time this changed. If you agree, visit our new MITEY website and sign up to our campaign. We can’t guarantee we’re going to solve this problem overnight, but we’re producing some great resources that will help men feel less isolated, and get early years employers, careers advisers and ‘the powers that be’ taking the issue more seriously.

So now’s the time to join the MITEY campaign and connect with like-minded individuals and organisations doing their best to make Britain’s early years education workforce more gender-diverse.

Our children, and our children’s children, deserve nothing less.

Join us now!

You can download our free 10 MITEY myths discussion paper and if you want to show your support publicly, sign up to our new MITEY charter. Next month and for the rest of the year, we’ll be producing resources for men, careers advisers and others – sign up here for email alerts.