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Welcome to the Ann Bernadt FAQ Centre.

As we are always busy at the Ann Bernadt Nursery before calling the office please look at the questions and answers below to see if they can help you. If you still need help please either use the “Contact Us” button to the left or call on 020 7525 1199.

Q. When will my child get a full time place?

A. All new pupils begin in a part-time session, either AM or PM. Prior to attending primary a child receives a full-time place.

Q. Do part-timers have lunch?

A. Part-timers do not have lunch, only Full-timers have lunch.

Q. How old does one’s child have to be in order to register?

A. One can register a child at a minimum age of 2years; however the child will not receive a place until the age of 3 years.

Q. How will I know that I have received a place?

A. You will receive a letter in the post.

Q. Does one have to pay for the service?

A. No, it is a government entitlement, however once the child has received a full-time place they maybe eligible for free school meals or may have to pay.