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Parent Zone – Digital Support

At Ann Bernadt Nursery we know how important it to keep our children safe online, and the vital role that parents, carers, and guardians play in helping teach our young people the protective skills and behaviours that they need to safely navigate the digital world – whether that’s social-media, apps, or gaming.

We recognise that online harms can affect any young person in any family, and we as a school are committed to doing everything that we can to help our families access the highest-quality support, advice, and resources available.

Digital Parenting Week

To coincide with Digital Parenting Week (11th-15th October), we are proud to be able to offer all our families with access to a year of free support through participation in the new Parent Zone Local programme.

This programme – which is being funded in our borough by Southwark Council – is open to all parents / carers / guardians who either live in the borough or have a child attending school or college locally. The programme will offer those who sign up access to:

  • A range of online workshops and webinars, covering different aspects of online safety and digital-resilience
  • A selection of parent guides and tech tips, which will be updated regularly
  • Online surveys, games, quizzes and child-friendly activities
  • Access to the Resilient Families online training-course of parents
  • Access to a personalised ‘help service’, where a team of experts will provide you with advice and support on any aspect of digital family-life

To access Parent Zone Local programme, and this wide range of free support, please visit their website: pzlocal.org.uk

Introductory webinars

To learn more about the programme and the support available – as well as to learn about how the digital-resilience agenda can support you and your family to stay safe online – please visit the ‘Events’ tab of the website to book a place on one of the introductory webinars, which are taking place every day from Tuesday 12th – Saturday 16th October.

e are pleased to support this programme, and hope that many of our families will benefit from its support – and we will continue to support our families and young people as they navigate the many opportunities and challenges that the digital world brings.