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Reggio Emilia – Day 3

We started the day with a visit to the pre-school ‘Allende Bibbiano’ which has children from three to six years. We saw two children create this masterpiece, which they explained was a ‘House and a city’. They created this over an extended period of time and it will stay all day and tomorrow for them and other children to extend their thinking.

We found out in this school the children sleep or rest from 12.30pm- 3pm. The staff here believe that the ‘rest’ time. Is a vital part of the learning process giving children time to evaluate their learning that has happened during the morning session.

The second school we visited in the afternoon ‘Pre-School of Barco’ Who have children from six months to three years. Here we saw the amazing ‘atelier’.
Which is a workshop space for children to investigate and explore. Children use over head projectors to cast light and experiment with rooms with children who are one years old.

Below are some pictures from our day.

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