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Reggio Emilia – Day 4

Today we visited this school in the morning.We were welcomed by Christina Gilioli, pedagogical co-ordinated. She spoke in detail about the children the staff and the different spaces within the school. The square where all the children from each age class spend time together.

Every class have games and activities developed  from the children’s age and interests. The spaces are bright and open they describe their resources as ‘Smart materials’ as they are often natural or recycled objects. The light laboratory includes a microscope which is linked to a projector. We observed children interacting with the screen using magnifiers and talking about what they could see.

We watched a presentation “Technology is a tool to Used to emphasise learning”. The second school we visited today gave us a presentation about documentation for older children. These children follow projects but also take part in creating these documents, for example taking and choosing the photographs they want to include. They spoke of learning being a cycle, and are very passionate in the importance of ‘safeguarding knowledge’.

Here are some photo of their wonderful creative environments within the school.This a picture of “All the teachers in my school” from a child at the nursery. She asked our teacher Eve to make sure she showed the picture to all the teachers that had come to her school today.

We ended the day with a visit to the ‘Boiardo’s Fortress’. A wonderful guide told us to the sad history of the building and even took us down to the ‘Prison’ although there is hardly any documentation about the use of this space, the grim reality is on every wall with prisoners writing about their innocence amongst other things. The last room we went to has a large celling  and a pulley which was used to hold a noose and send prisoners to their deaths!

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