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Reggio Emilia – Finale

Today started with a visit to an outdoor School in Campagna. We went for a walk with the staff and the children to a local farm. The staff push the youngest children in a cart down the road to a small farm owned by a local man who enjoys the children coming to visit the land and the animals everyday.

When we returned to their nursery the children are free to explore the outside area and say hello to the birds. We then took part in an activity designed by Tristiana a man who comes to support the children in physical activities. He passionately described the children’s ‘natural rights’.

These included:

  • The right to use our hands -We think it’s very important  using hands and fingers- will be able to write.
  • The right to have nothing planned.
  • The right to look into the eyes of the person you are talking to.
  • The right to silence.
  • The right to see what is in the middle.- not just black and white.

He showed us a range of photographs and we had to work together to match the photos with the ‘natural right’ we felt it best represented.Once we had completed this activity, he spoke to us about the importance of outdoor play. “ In order to do these things we need  courage, with courage comes  passion coming from the heart, if you do something you don’t really believe  something is important you won’t have the courage to change”.

He advised us that “Nature waits for everybody”. Following this we were given a wonderful tour of the local cheese making facilities. We learnt about the process of how Parmesan cheese is made.

We then went to castle Montecchio and had a debrief discussion about our week, we spoke about the most important learning points that we had gained throughout the week.

These included 

  • ‘Raising questions about our practice.’
  •  ‘How we should not begin with seeing Barriers’.
  •  How we will aim to ‘Keep all the things flourishing all the time’.
  • How do you build upon the great practice by learning more about other countries their education systems and cultures.

We were then given a wonderful tour of this vast castle.This castle is now partly a library and a venue for events such as weddings. We saw skeletons and a prison and made our way to the top tower  to see the wonderful view over Montecchio.

We have made some wonderful links and had a fantastic experience which we will remember for always. We learn in ‘hundred languages’ and we have seen many of them in this trip. What sticks in our mind most is the sense of community, that everyone has a responsibility to ensure the most positive experiences for the youngest children understanding that they are our future.

Ciao for now!

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