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Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development

Dear Parents/ Carers,

To-day we completed the second of our two workshops for parents on “Supporting Your Child’s Literacy Development”.

Here are a few of the things you said about the workshops:

The workshops give parents the right steps to support our kids and develop their learning skills. The rhymes and pictures facilitators used are fantastic, enriched with appropriate learning resources.  I really enjoyed the package.  I look forward to attending similar important workshops.  Well done. 

It was nice to socialise and converse with other parents and listen to their views and advice. I think you should do more sessions like this.

It’s been a fantastic workshop, helping us make nice photo books. Literacy was especially interesting for me, giving us the chance to learn and then help our children with their reading.  I would be very interested in more workshops similar to this one.

I look forward to sharing with my son his personalised and special book.

Please look out for future opportunities to support your children development.

Best Wishes

Lynne Cooper
Executive Headteacher