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What is Tales Toolkit?

Tales Toolkit is a resource designed by experts to enhance children’s speaking, reading and early writing skills

We are currently training all our staff over the autumn term in how to introduce and use this resource across the age range of our school

Tales Toolkit believe that children tell the best stories. Elves that keep bananas in their hats, Tim Peake and his love of bears and a dragon that caused havoc swimming the wrong way up a rainbow. These are just a few tales told using the TalesToolkit.

Tales Toolkit. (A Toolkit for creating Tales) was created using the power of story to engage children. All of the resources are labeled with easily recognised symbols for Character, Setting, Problem and solution giving the children skills to independently weave magical tales.


What are the benefits?

Tales Toolkit develops language in children as young as 2yrs. Their resources cultivate creativity and set children up to become independent, motivated learners and creative problem solvers. We are very excited about the potential of the resource at Ann Bernadt.


Why is Tales Toolkit a good choice?

Tales Toolkit won the Teach First innovation award for 2015/16. They also won the Community choice award with over a third of the total votes.

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