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Using Makaton

What is Makaton

Welcome to our “Using Makaton” page. James has created a series of videos introducing this form of sign language aimed at helping young children to express themselves and to focus on using and understanding language and speech.

Sally & James – Series two

James and Sally have been very busy at Ann Bernadt Nursery today making more videos for the Makaton series. In this collection, James accompanied by Sally and Peter continue with the Makaton theme with another storytime entry plus three new videos covering everyday topics.

To watch the videos, please click on the play buttons below:


Storytime – The Animal Bop from Ann Bernadt Nursery on Vimeo.

Activities using Makaton

Learning about behaviour

Makaton with Sally – Behaviour from Ann Bernadt Nursery on Vimeo.

Sally & James – Series one

This series of videos offers a selection of stories using Makaton, and also a day at Ann Bernadt with Sally. We will continue to offer videos covering this subject and a wide range of other subjects for children and adults to watch together, so please keep checking back for more…

Sally goes outside

Watch the video below to find out what Sally has been up to today.


Play along and listen to our stories read by James.

Where is Spot?

Wiggly Pig

What can baby do?

More to come…

I hope that you enjoyed our video collection. If you have any questions about Makaton, you can contact me via the main contact page above.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Keep checking back for more videos…

Kind Regards