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Welcome back!

Welcome back to our returning children and families and a warm welcome to new families.

I hope you are enjoying our newly decorated school as much as we are. Over the summer we have enhanced our security and safety with:

  • The installation of a new security door into the school
  • Built a new reception area
  • Incorporated cloakrooms into the classrooms
  • Installed CCTV
  • Updated our phone system with a new number and message service (020 703 1905)
  • Added finger guards to doors
  • Removed some of our old play items from the outside area

We have been joined by new staff members

  • Levia Ostrove-Pound has joined us in Shine Class. She is covering Cat while she is on leave and she has also taken on the role of Assistant Head.
  • Colin Leggo will be providing cover one day a week in Shine room
  • We have expanded our SEN support team to include Brandy and Noorun

We have adopted a new planning system called “planning in the moment” which incorporates your child’s interests to maximise their learning opportunities

We have begun to offer Forest School opportunities to our children.  The first group have begun a six week programme of Forest School sessions in Peckham Rye Park.

We have also improved classroom lay-outs and provision.

Class teachers will be speaking to you about opportunities to support your child’s home learning.  You are invited every Friday to join us at the beginning of a session to share stories with your child.

We have created story prop sacks and a Maths Games library which we will shortly be offering to families.

Staff are currently being trained in a new initiative called “Tales Tookit” devised to enhance opportunities for language development, storytelling and early writing skills.

I look forward to meeting you all as the term progresses

We want the very best for your children – together we can achieve that.


Lynne Cooper
Executive Head Teacher