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Working with Gender Action!

At Ann Bernadt and Nell Gwynn Nursery Schools, we are working with Gender Action to help eradicate gender stereotypes. We want to help families and children to understand the importance of not giving young children gender stereotypes and how this can improve children’s potential in our society.

Within this our main aims are:

  • To use gender neutral terms such as ‘children’ and ‘people’ rather than ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ or ‘guys’.
  • To begin introduce a gender-neutral uniform for all children to wear and help them feel comfortable to play, increase independence particularly with toilet training, without needing to be concerned about their appearance. – Please see reception for a sample version.
  • To ensure that the resources and environment are used promote all different types of play that all children are free to access of their own choice.
  • Not having any resources that are seen as ‘only for boys’ or ‘only for girls’, everything is for everyone.
  • To have positive images around the school that help to challenge gender stereotypes and start conversations: for example, female footballers and male midwifes.
  • To have open and frank discussions about not limiting children’s potential with outdated notions of what is a ‘male’ or ‘female’ profession.
  • To address and praise children by their name rather than their gender. For example, “Wonderful drawing Layla.” Instead of “good girl”.
  • To work hard on praising children for their effort and resilience rather than their clothing or appearance.

We hope that you understand the importance of this work and if you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to ask.